Aprill comes into our bedroom looking like a hot gladiator.  She’s got on that outfit that we saw on Twitter – the one that made my husband and I both just about pant with desire but she looks even better in it in person. But even beyond that, Aprill is something very special; uninhibited and sexy as hell, but also sweet, smart, and very funny! We’ve both become very fond of her and always look forward to time together. We have a great time and we always laugh a lot.

I’ve honestly never felt so truly desired by a woman and that just takes the whole experience to another level for me. My husband adores her as well. We like to play hot Tetris and see how many configurations we can get ourselves into together – always sexy; always fun. Aprill knows who she is and what she’s about and that kind of confidence is just crazy hot. There are no games, no BS. What you see is what you get and what you get is just stunning – the total package! Anyone, male or female, would count themselves fortunate to have gotten to spend time with Aprill!


I have never much been one for hyperbole and don’t often get caught making grandiose statements but, when it comes to Aprill, it is difficult to think of anything but superlatives .
And oh so easy to run out of them!First of all, she is beautiful … not just gorgeous, like many women can be!!! There is a warmth and honesty in her eyes and her magnetic smile and her laugh is infectious, too. All of these things will set you at ease with her!She’s witty and intelligent, too, so she can carry on a conversation (which many men ARE, actually, interested in).Of course, you have to appreciate the “art” (it’s not just ‘ink’), too, because no matter which way she turns, you’ll see the story of her life. And what a GREAT story I’d bet it is!!!Aprill has a fantastic personality and an ability to read people quite well. Don’t be surprised if she knows what you need before you can even think of what you want!Her body is astounding … dangerous curves, in ALL the right places, that you’ll want to hug as you would if you were driving a fine sports car!!! If you listen to her, respond to her, let her flow through you, you’ll leave feeling like she was the Lamborghini and you, only briefly, lucky enough to be the driver!

I adore this woman because there is no “mechanical” with her!!! Each experience will be new and unique and wonderful! Just treat her respectfully and I promise you won’t regret it!

Aprill is “real” … and as genuine as they come … in a World that I don’t think understands “real” anymore!!! What else can I say???

                                                                                                                                                                                                             – S.P!